Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Consumer, copyright and privacy laws all vary from country to country. In New Zealand these laws have a potential impact on aspects of commercial photography.

We do our best to be clear and transparent about both your and our rights and responsibilities when we work together.
To help that transaprency Ron Thow Photography operates under terms and conditions that have been developed in New Zealand by and for local professional photographers by the AIPA and NZIPP organisations. These terms apply to every photographic assignment undertaken by Ron Thow Photography.

Good Terms and Conditions protect both the client and the photographer. They are the mark of a professional photographic business.
Be wary of any photographer who either doesn’t operate with terms and conditions or doesn’t have a copy of terms available for you. You can always download a copy of our T&Cs from this page.

Why two different sets of information? Apart from some difference in payment options that need to be included in commercial conditions the most simple explanation is just that  photography for personal or family use is subject to different consumer law than photography for businesses and this is reflected in the two documents.


Download a full PDF copy of the relevant terms

Terms and Conditions for family and personal photography:  These T&C’s are designed for private portrait, family & wedding photography clients. Other conditions may also apply (such as wedding contracts, payment plans or session agreements) depending on your photographic booking. Download a copy of the domestic terms here.

Terms and Conditions for Commercial clients
These T&C’s apply to any photographic work which will be used to market, promote or advertise a business, product, event or service for a business, nonprofit, NGO or an individual using them for commercial purposes or promotion. Additional conditions may also apply (such as Model or Property Releases and Image Rights releases) depending on the situation. Download a full PDF copy of the Commercial Terms and conditions here.


If you have any questions after reading them, or are unsure how they apply to you or your business then please contact us.